If you graduated between 1980 and 1989, please share your memories here!
Elizabeth Bianculli-Soletti (LISA)

I graduated in 1986. My favorite teacher was Miss Ippolito and she was probably the inspiration for me becoming a teacher. I have so many fond memories of St. Stans, so it is quite hard to select one to discuss. I recall the fun we had on field day and the talent shows and even getting to buy a sometimes soggy soft pretzel on a Wednesday. I also recall when the demerit system was introduced and I was so upset to get my 1st demerit and have to visit the principal to discuss why I got three checks. Meanwhile, I remember it being because I did not get some tests signed. I am still very close friends with one of my St. Stans classmates, Karen Cotugno, and we are very excited to go to the Annual Mass and Social together. I remember Sister Rose very fondly and even Sister Ruth who was there before her!


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