If you graduated between 1940 and 1949, please share your memories here!
arthur rivers

anyone out there from class of 2/47

Joe Pfister

Hi, my husband Joe graduated that year.
I was at the reunion today. About 15 people from the 1940's were there. I graduated in Jan. 1948. Have a good day.
Dorothy Pfister

arthur rivers

I remember Joe. Was any other one from my class at the reunion.

Joseph Dudzik

I graduated in 1945 and attribute to St. Stans as we called it informally then among the students, credit for any success I may have had in the ensuing years. And by the way we never used the full title that I can remember always calling or writing of it as Saint Stanislaus period. One thing that I remember and often wonder just how long it lasted was the activity in the school yard. While waiting for the time for being called for class there was a great deal of playing the various games which happened to be in season. The girls seem particularly adept at jumping rope and the boys playing Johnny on the pony but I do suspect the most frequent activity was gossiping. The call for assembling by class in columns of twos facing the building was by bugle call. At the sound of attention being played by the bugler the students lined up by class perpendicular to the building and there were 16 columns of twos as I recollect the years being divided by a and b. When the columns had formed the bugler began to play a sprightly march and the classes beginning at the extreme right and left and using the doors at their respective ends filed into the building. This routine was followed in the morning and after lunch. I had many embarrassing moments during my eight years however one stands out to this day. I never knew who the bugler was or how they got him but one day I guess he happened to be ill and one of the good sisters had heard that I was trying to learn to play the bugle for the then Polish marching band. I had only begun and had progressed only as far as I ever was going to progress which was to make a one note blast of sound. Against my protests and in the midst of trying to explain the good sister hauled me out and stood me at the extreme right of the yard as when facing the building and handed me the bugle. Well all I could do was render one blast and that was the full extent of my repertoire. There was horrified silence and then one of the sisters took the bugle and made a signal that the classes should march into the building. I still often think of those horrifying moments of stunned silience and break out into a cold sweat. By the way when I was in the army the bugle calls were old hat.

Edward W Finn

Hi, I'm class of 02/47. Still have my graduation program and diploma. I visited several years age and got to tour the school building. I was an altor Boy, so I visted the church too. My Sister Maryann graduated in June 48. She still lives on Long Island. I have retired to Vero Beach, Florida.


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